Hello everyone!
My personal plan for this blog is to try to view an episode from an anime series and then comment my toughts and reflections on it. By the end of the anime, or the season at least, I will post a more thorough analysis of the show.
I hope whoever finds the time to read this enjoys so as much as I'll enjoy writing about it.

December 16, 2009

Getting started!!


I have finally decided on an anime to start watching to get this thing going. The lucky chosen anime will be Sengoku Basara. This anime narrates the story of Japan at the Sengoku era (with a lot of creative permits) mainly through the perspective of Yukimura Sanada, a loyal follower of Singen Takeda "the Tiger of Kai", and of Masamune Date "The One-Eyed Dragon", a young man decided to rule all japan.

I chose this anime to start mainly because it is a short anime (just 12 episodes) and I have already seen it before (it is always easier to get a better analysis after a seconf view).

I will be posting analysis of chapter 1 by tomorrow.

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